The Problem of Memory Series, 2017

Installation - Boxed Sanctuary Exhibition, The Robert Bateman Centre, December 2016 - February 2017

The Problem of Memory

Knowledge of past conditions fades with time. With each new generation our understanding of what is ‘normal’ or ‘abundant’ changes. We dismiss the stories of older generations in favour of our own experiences causing the reference points from which we measure to shift. The discrepancies in our understanding of the past – this problem of memory – leads to failure to notice creeping environmental degradation. The ocean is a scared place for many. Yet, susceptible to the destructive ways of humans, the ocean and our coastlines continue to be put at risk. Using found antique photographs and the layering of personal memories, I engage with issues of climate change, particularly the changing ocean salinity, through the lens of memory. Reflecting on the fragility of the ocean in our changing and uncertain world, my work serves as a springboard into speculating about how we embody the past and how we can protect the future.